Scent Pad Pack of 5

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FRESH3Y's Scent Pad Pack comes with 5 replacement pads.

Tired of buying and tossing away scentless cardboard trees?

We designed our Tesla air freshener scent pads to fit perfectly within the FRESH3Y Scent Pod. Our Scent Pads are made of absorbent, and antibacterial, laser-cut, black, polyester felt.

Change up your Tesla's fragrance as often as you'd like.

Treat your FRESH3Y like a diffuser. Add any essential or fragrance oil to your Scent Pad. We recommend using a new Scent Pad each time you change your scent. 

Unsure of what scent to add to your Scent Pad?
We're in talks with several scent providers so in future, can offer you a selection of our favorite aroma and fragrance oils for your FRESH3Y. Until then, a quick Google search of essential oils will bring up a ton of options, ranging in fragrance variety and price-point.