About Us


Hey there.

Our family of three consists of Josh, Haley and Logan + our beloved Model 3, who we affectionately call, Birdie. Her name was born from our other business, haywoodgolf.

With having a very athletic almost-teen boy, and a business which requires toting a ton of boxes and many rounds of golf, Birdie needed some help in the 'smell department'. We scoured the internet for solutions– most products demanded unsightly appendages that cluttered Birdie's minimalistic beauty, and others required blind faith in a fragrance we weren't sure we'd love (Update: we didn't).

So we built our own.

We hope this only adds to your love for your Tesla, like it has ours. We're looking forward to having many more adventures in this car, and we hope you do the same.

FRESH3Y proudly is designed and manufactured in North America.